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    Wholesale packed additional virgin organic olive oil, eco-friendly And kalamata olives, honey…

    With all the brand “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” we go to close off the best purity and quality in many Greek products, which we plan to export to a few countries all over the world.

    Greece is actually a country by using a lengthy history and tradition in good quality raw materials, in addition to extraordinary and different local products, which is the schedule and the key reason for the creation of the Mediterranean diet plan. A diet plan which is continuously expanding worldwide, as being the top diet regime one can adhere to.

    Our target and our sight would be to acquire the very best products made on Hellenic Terrain, in collaboration with the appropriately picked associates from each and every part of Greece, who attempt to produce high quality products.

    Hence, we are going to assistance small, and sizeable Greek producers, while simultaneously station potential prospects in any region around the world, anywhere they might be.

    A number of the primary products that you will find along with us, are 100 % pure virgin and extra virgin olive oil, olives of various kinds and sizes, Thyme sweetie including varieties with herbal remedies not to mention numerous variety of products located on our website.

    “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” exports products only by means of wholesale, with transport probable from a pallet, to as numerous boxes as you want. We flourish in hard work asit delivers greatest results, both in the products as well as the consumer continuously satisfied.

    Our company is by far the most qualified lover that a business might have in Greece. How about you?

    We offer good quality services, exporting leading products to a number of places all over the world. If you want to have the best quality products and partners, then we are the partner you are looking for.

    Excellent: One of many no-flexible things in each and every new alliance perform, may be the needed excellent inside the products we choose to export, to several countries worldwide.

    Appropriate Packing: Because we want them to always reach our customer safely, but at the same time to be elegant so that they can be resold, we pay a lot of attention to the packaging of the products.

    Delivery By The Due Date: An additional main issue of our own company is the right assistance with all kinds of transfer businesses, which we use to the delivery of the merchandise, in no matter what nation their destination is.

    Warranty For All Of Our Services: To the excellent quality we want to go to standardization of the products, but also the proper delivery and management to our customers, all this makes us can guarantee for our impeccable services, because we control all the stages from the production of the products carried out by our partners.

    For Us No Consumer Is Modest: For the company "KAPA Crete Enterprises" we all do not consider any buyer tiny, all people are just as important to us, no matter how tiny or how big someone is. We export the quantity according to each means of transport that exists, as long as it presupposes security and speed in the delivery and transport of our products.

    We Would Like You To Keep In Mind: Remember that we can do research throughout Greece on your behalf and we look to find the best product for the type you are looking for if you are looking for a product that you may not have seen in our site.

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