16) Commentary: Why Adam and Eve Descended

Commentary: Why Adam and Eve Descended

Some people believe that the reason why mankind does not dwell in Paradise is that Adam was

disobedient and that if it had not been for this sin, we could have been there all along. These are

naive fictions because when Allah wanted to create Adam, He said to the angels, “I shall make a

vicegerent on the earth.” He did not say, “I shall make a vicegerent in Paradise.”

Adam’s descent on earth, then, was not due to degradation but rather it was dignified descent.

Allah knew that Adam and Eve would eat of the tree and descend to earth. He knew that Satan

would rape their innocence. That experience was essential for their life on earth; it was a

cornerstone of their vicegerency. It was meant to teach Adam, Eve, and their progeny that it was

Satan who had caused them to be expelled from Paradise and that the road to Paradise can only

be reached by obedience to Allah and enmity to Satan.