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Qadr – The belief that everything in existence, good and bad, comes from Allah alone.

Because Allah is the All-Wise, He necessarily acts with wisdom. And because He is the All-Knowing, everything in His universe is done with knowledge. Nothing is chaotic, haphazard or happens without coherence.

“Verily, all things Have We created in ‘Qadr’ (pro portion and measure)…”

The word ‘Qadr’ or ‘Taqdir’ is oftentimes translated as ‘predestination’. This is not at all accurate. ‘Qadr’ means ‘measure’. Allah’s creation is not haphazard. Everything proceeds by law, proportion, and measure. Everything has its appointed time, place, and occasion, as also its definite limitation. Nothing happens but according to His law and its due process and every deed, word, and thought of man has its fullest consequences as determined by Allah’s universal law – physical, moral, social, economic, etc.