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There is no doubt that Ghusl forms a major part of bodily health. “Purity is half of the faith,” and “Cleanliness is part of the faith,” declared the noble Prophet Muhammad [s] and stressed the importance of regular baths. This is all the more remarkable in an environment where water was at a premium.

Ghusl is maintained as part of religious devotion and as part of a natural daily routine. Ghusl is a particular method of having a bath. It involves first of all pereneal toilet or washing the private parts, which confirms the clinical principle of washing the dirty parts first and then the cleaner. This is then followed by wudu’ and then the washing of the entire body from head to toe. Ghusl is a duty upon every Muslim, male and female.

Ghusl remains the chief factor inhibiting the spread of disease. Wherever you live and no matter how poor you are, Islam requires of you to remain clean and develop habits of cleanliness.