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The Adhan prescribed by Allah for summoning the faithful to prayer is not only expressive of its aim and purpose but also so richly, melodiously and eloquently imbued with the spirit and high ideals of Islam and the concept of Divine Oneness that it has attained the position of a standing invitation to faith. This public proclamation of Salah has opened the heart of many a non-Muslim to Islam. It is entirely different from the methods prevalent in other religions and communities for summoning the devotees to prayer. This is the only call to prayer which is altogether free from the use of a material aid or implement like a horn or a bell, and includes also the marrow and substance of faith.

The Adhan proclaims the Glory and Greatness of Allah, that He is Greater than the greatest. It contains both the fundamental affirmations of Divine Oneness and the Apostleship of Prophet Muhammad [s], and includes the summons to prayer. It also declares that Salah is the way to felicity in both the worlds and success and salvation cannot be attained in either of them without it. Owing to these special features, the Adhan has become a complete and comprehensive call and proclamation of faith which instinctively appeals to the heart and the mind. It attracts both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Allah in His Infinite Wisdom, wanted the Adhan not to be a mere proclamation and warning but also to form a part of the fundamental practice of Islam and that its position in respect of the negligent should not only be that of an alarm or signal but also of preaching and exhortation, and compliance to it should be regarded as a symbol of loyalty and devotion.