An Important Point To Remember

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If we become servants or workers we too should remember that, as Muslims, we must be loyal to our employers. The Muslim worker must always be eager, helpful and honest. He should exert himself to the best of his ability to earn the respect and favour of his fellow workers and his employer. The worker must be grateful to Allah for his work and income and must recognize the value of work as opposed to idleness, laziness or begging. The Muslim worker must not be envious of the income of others nor hate those for whom he works. He must be a friend by helping and supporting his fellow workers as well as his employer. He must be to them as he would like them to be to him. If the employer is unjust or if the worker feels that he deserves more then it is his duty, as a Muslim, to help his employer by pointing out any wrongdoing and advising him to refrain from committing injustice as an employer. The Muslim worker should always be aware that he is in no way inferior to his employer. If a worker is still unhappy then he should remember to fulfill his promises to his employer before leaving and taking up any other work. He must always remember that Allah loves those who work well and that Allah rewards immensely those who work to make the lives of all people better. Allah forgives the sins of those who work diligently and honestly and the good workers and employers will be in the company of the Prophets [a] and the pious in the hereafter.

“An honest and decent businessman will be taken with martyrs and those who love Allah.”

“Whoever takes a rest after tiring work to obtain decent earnings, rests as a man forgiven (for his sins).”

“The man who works to support his family is in the path of Allah and the man who supports his old father and mother is in the path of Allah as well.”

“Work, and Allah, the Prophet and the believers will witness your work.”