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A refined personality is best exhibited when a human being performs a charitable act towards any of Allah’s creatures and, above all, to a fellow human being. Again and again in the Holy Quran, man is enjoined to care for the orphan, the widow and the poor and to take great care of those who are crippled, maimed, blind and anyone who is unfortunate in any way. Prophet Muhammad [s] laid down practical examples and legalised the safeguarding of the rights of fellow beings. Islam looks upon such acts of humanity as acts of piety and a refined form of worship of the Almighty Allah, the Merciful. Any Muslim community worthy of the name must therefore provide for its orphans, widows and destitute by establishing and maintaining institutions where they can be cared for in an Islamic way. Every effort should be made to help the poor to attain a life of worthiness and independence so that they, too, can contribute in their turn to this sphere of Ibadah (Worship). Responsibility forms a vital part of the conduct of a good Muslim and good conduct will weigh heaviest against one’s sinful acts on the Day of Judgement. No distinction has been drawn in between a Muslim and a non- Muslim. In its unique and universal values, Islam extends its guidance in charity to poor and needy persons irrespective of their religion. It can thus be seen that Islam is truly a blessing to the whole of Creation and Prophet Muhammed [s] “A mercy unto the world”.