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The Benefits of Zakah:

1) Being a religious duty, it offers the donor the inner satisfaction of a duty accomplished. The funds on which Zakah has been paid bring satisfaction and reward in this world and the next; funds on which no Zakah has been paid will bring suffering and punishment in this world and the hereafter. The very word Zakah means ‘sweetening’ too and it implies that those funds on which no Zakah has been paid are ‘bitter’.

2) Zakah makes for social welfare and solidarity and eliminates class and economic barriers, class animosity and hatred; it eliminates arrogance on the part of the giver and humiliation on the part of the receiver.

3) The need to pay Zakah acts as a stimulus to investment of income in productive enterprise, for capital that is allowed to remain idle would would progressively diminish in Zakah levies. Invested in production, it adds to society’s wealth and could help in job creation. Zakah also has the basic meaning ‘to grow’: wealth grows with spending and investment.

4) Zakah is a great promoter of wealth circulation throughout society, which is one of the main features of any healthy economy. The Qur’an con demns the accumulation and circulation of wealth in the hands of the rich only.