From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– If Muslims fear persecution then they may conceal their faith.
– Disbelievers fear Islam and prevent Muslims from propagating their religion because they recognize the weakness of their own false religion.
– Just as there are people who try to prevent Muslims practicing their religion so too are there people who welcome Muslims and encourage them in their religion.

– Salah must be offered together in a masjid.

– Muslims must always search for ways to better propagate their religion, but the best way is always the way of the Prophet [s].
– Muslims must never imitate the ways and practices of the disbelievers.
– Muslims must be self reliant and proud of their identity.

– Always ask advice from others, no matter how intelligent you yourself may be.
– Everyone can offer advice.
– We do not always have to follow all the advice of others.
– The brightest ideas sometimes come from those we least expect. Therefore value all people.

– Some dreams are true.
– Allah sometimes communicates to use through dreams.
– The dreams of the pious are more reliable than those of the sinners.

– Angels sometimes appear in the form of human beings.

– Allah and His Messenger [s] do not love those who are boastful.
– Allah loves those who never desire popularity and who never show off.

– A mu’adh dhin must have a beautiful and melodious voice.
– A harsh, un-harmonious voice would cause people to dislike the adhan, especially non-Muslims.
– Adhan is the the call of Muslims. It is a call like no other, a call in which Muslims praise Allah and in which they invite the whole world to the religion of Allah.

– Bilal [r] was honoured by Allah to be the first Mu’adh dhin of Islam and to this day he is remembered in every corner of the earth, five times every single day.