Chapter 1 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

Nabi Ibrahim [a] had two sons, one was Nabi Ismail [a] and the other Nabi Is’haq [a]. They were both pious and obedient servants of Allah. Now Nabi Ishaq [a] had many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, more than you could imagine, and they came to be known as the Banu Isra’il, the Israelites. They believed in Allah and worshipped Him alone.

The Banu Isra’il had come to settle in the land of Egypt. They lived there for many years, enjoying the blessings of Allah in this wonderful land. However, as time went by, things changed as things do, and a very proud, superstitious and evil king came to rule over Egypt. Wherever he went the people were terrified and ran, He was cruel and wicked and and his name was Fir’awn.

This king hated the grandchildren of Nabi Ishaq [a]. He hated the Banu Isra’il. This was because they refused to believe in the false gods and idols the Egyptians worshiped and remained faithful to their belief in one Allah, Master and Creator of all. The proud Egyptians forced the Banu Israel into slavery and placed such difficulties upon them that none could bear.

They forced them to work as animals do, beating them, kicking them and starving them too. The only food the Banu Isra’il were given to eat were the scraps and waste otherwise given to the dogs and cats in the streets and alleyways.

Despite all these difficulties the Banu Isra’il continued to grow in number. They had become so many that the Egyptians became afraid of them. Fir‘awn knew that the Banu Isra’il would become too many and too powerful to control. And what is more is that he was told, that an Israelite child will be born who will destroy his kingdom.

Fir’awn was mad with rage and ordered that every newborn male child be killed and only the girls of the Banu Isra’il be left alive. This cruel order was obeyed and thousands of little baby boys were slaughtered in the streets before their mother’s eyes.