Chapter 1 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)


A long, long time ago in the land of Palestine, there lived in the town of Nazareth, a very pious Israelite lady. Her name was Maryam.

One bright day, while the pious Maryam was praying all alone, there appeared an angel before her. Maryam was terrified for she had never seen an angel before. He stood there before her, standing oh so tall, and shining so bright, like the golden-white sunlight. “May Allah protect me from you,” she called out, “Now leave me alone and go, if it is Allah you fear!”

“Do not be afraid, dear Maryam,” the angel said, “For I am the angel Jibra’il, a messenger from the Lord of the Worlds.” Maryam was overwhelmed. An angel had appeared before her, Oh, how very wonderful. But why would an angel come to her, what was so special.

“I have come to give you the good news of a pure son,” the angel said, “His name shall be ‘Isa, Jesus, the son of Maryam, and he shall be praised in this world and far above in the highest heaven.”

“How could that be?” asked Maryam in great surprise, “For I am not married yet and still a young lady.”

“Ahh, that is easy for Allah, for He creates whatever He wills”. the angel replied. “When He wishes something to be, He says to it only ‘Be!” and it becomes. Your son, O Maryam, shall be a Prophet of Allah, a Messenger to your people, the children of Israel.”

The days passed and then the months, until one day a beautiful son was born to Maryam.

When Maryam returned to her people with the little child, they were curious and some were horrified. “Where did this child come from? Who is the father?” some hollered, “Oh how dreadful for a child to be born without the girl being married.”

Maryam was speechless, what was she to say. No one would believe her story, of the angel she saw that day. And so she pointed to the baby.

“What! Do you expect us to ask the baby,” the people said. “That is most absurd.”

And just then something strange happened, something like never before, not since the beginning of creation, a miracle like none ever saw.

The beautiful tiny baby smiled and then spoke, “I am the servant of Allah. He has made me a Prophet and has blessed me. He has commanded me to worship Him and to feed the poor, and to be gentle and kind to my pure and noble mother.”

How miraculous, but so it was to be from that very day. Everything about Isa’ [a], son of Maryam, was to be quite marvelous, I say.