Chapter 2 – Read The Story


A great day of festivity came. The people rejoiced with their children and together they all set out for the wonderful celebration.

Ibrahim’s [a] father was almost ready to set out, and so he asked lbrahim, “Why not come with us? It will be a wonderful festival.”

“No, thank you!” Ibrahim [a] replied, “I am not well !”

Now Ibrahim [a] was left all alone and there was no one at home. So he went out to the huge temple in the city, the temple in the very middle, where the idols were kept, the tall ones, the short ones, the thin ones and the very fat.

He looked up at them and spoke, and this is what he said, “O you lifeless lumps of metal and stone, you who are made by human hands, hands of flesh and bone! You are no gods I swear, answer me now if you dare!”

And there was nothing but silence, not even a tiny squeak.

“How is it that you do not speak?” Ibrahim mocked at them, “How is it that you do not hear? Why don’t you eat? Why don’t you drink? There is food and drink and every other tasty treat here.”

And as hard as he strained his tiny ear, there was still simply nothing at all to hear.

“You cannot help me nor can you harm,” Ibrahim again said, “Why, you cannot even swot a small fly off your thick, stony head.”

The idols were still silent because they were stones which cannot do a single a thing, not even speak.

“What stops you from speaking?” Ibrahim shouted out. The idols remained silent and lbrahim became angry. He grabbed an axe and smashed them all, except one. He left the largest idol standing there and hung the axe round its neck.