Chapter 2 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

During this frightful time a handsome son was born to the wife of Imran. Imran was a pious man of the Banu Isra’il. For a few days the beautiful baby’s mother hid the child away from the cruel Egyptians, but the time soon came when she could do so no longer. Fearing for the safety of the little child, the frightened mother put the baby into a basket and carried it down to the banks of the river Nile. She hid the basket amongst the reeds, commanding Maryam, her daughter, to keep watch from a distance. The poor mother wept bitterly but what could she do? Rather than see the child killed before her eyes, she decided to hand the child over into the care of Allah.

The basket began to float slowly down the river with the child sleeping peacefully in it. It so happened that it was that time of the day when Fir’awns wife, the Queen of Egypt, would go down to the river to bathe along with her maid servants. As she came closer to the bank of the river, she saw the basket and ordered the servants to bring it to her.

The Queen lifted the blanket and peeped under it. She could not believe her eyes. There lay the most beautiful little baby, smiling and gurgling ever so cutely. “What a beautiful child. I have never seen such beauty in all my life!”, she exclaimed.

Fir’awns wife was enchanted by the sweet, smiling face of the child. The Queen decided to adopt the little boy. She named him Musa, which in the Egyptian language means ‘the one who was taken out of water’.

“We will have to find a nurse to take care of him”, said the Queen and she gave orders that a good nurse be found for the baby. Maryam who had followed the basket from a distance was delighted to learn that the Queen was looking for a good woman to take care of the baby she had adopted. She at once went to the Queen and explained that her mother was the best nurse in all the land of Egypt.

“Go fetch her!”, said the Queen “If she can nurse the baby I shall pay her well.”

Musa’s mother was overjoyed. She knew that Allah had protected the child from harm. She knew that Allah had brought mother and child back together, safe from the cruelty of Fir’awn. She knew that Allah always cares for those who put their trust in Him.

And so, with his mother by his side caring for him, handsome little Musa began his life as a prince of Egypt in the palace of Fir’awn, the very man who wished to kill him.