Chapter 2 – Read The Story


There were men and women who loved Allah and worshipped him day and night. When they passed away the people were very sad indeed, because they had lost good men and women who were like guiding lights. And so, for them, the people grieved. shaytan then came to the people, pretending to be their friend, and said to them, “Why not make pictures of those pious men and women, and in this way you would remember them.”

The people liked this idea and many pictures were made, pictures of the pious men and women whom they loved and admired. But then shaytan came again and said, “Why not make statues too for these will be much better. Aah! much better indeed for you to remember.”

And so the people made statues of the pious men and women whom they loved and admired. They still worshipped Allah but these statues they treasured.

But as time gradually passed by and new children were born, they added even more to the respect shown to these statues that they saw. They then began to worship these statues as idols, as gods besides Allah, as well as making gods of the great pious men, those men who loved only Allah.

They had forgotten what their great grandfather Nabi Adam [a] had taught. They had forgotten that only Allah is worthy of worship. And now they had been led astray, they had become foolish people, who spent their time doing every wicked deed. They had been tricked by shaytan and now had become just like him.