Chapter 3 – Read The Story


At the end of the day the people returned and went straight to the huge temple in the city, the temple in the very middle. They were especially keen to worship their idols and to bow down before them, because it was the day of celebration, the day of their grand festival. But when they entered horror awaited them. They were shocked stone cold, as stony and cold as the very idols they worshipped.

“Who has done this to our gods!” they thundered. “Who has destroyed our great Lords!”

Then someone amongst them said, “We have heard a young boy called Ibrahim saying things about them. Maybe he can tell us what has happened.”

Ibrahim [a] was brought to them but he was not afraid. In fact, this is what he had all along planned. This is how he was going to make them understand.

They barked at him saying, “Are you the one has done this to our gods, O Ibrahim!”

Ibrahim [a], pointing to the largest idol, answered calmly, “Why not ask the big fellow over there. Look! He still has the axe hanging around his neck. Ask him if he is able to speak.”

The people knew that idols were made of stone and that stones cannot hear or speak. They knew that the largest idol could not move, not even a wink nor even make a tiny squeak.

They said to Ibrahim [a], “Well now, you surely do know that idols cannot speak.” This is just what Ibrahim was waiting to hear, and so he spoke, “How can you then worship these idols when they can neither help nor harm the tiniest thing? Don’t you have any sense at all, don’t you understand anything?”

The people were silent, as silent as the idols, and ashamed too, ashamed of their foolishness and to have been admonished by a little boy. Ibrahim had finally made them understand, or so he thought. But little did he realise that disbelievers have no sense. And so he was in for what was to be a frightening, dreadful surprise.

“Avenge your gods!” a man shouted out. The people huddled together and whispered to one another, “What shall we do? Ibrahim has destroyed our gods and embarrassed us. How should we punish him? How should we make an example of him?”

“Burn him and avenge your gods!” they shouted.

And that is exactly what they did. They lit a fire, a fire so huge that even the birds in the sky could not bear it.

And with a heave and a tremendous ho, they threw lbrahim headlong into the very center of it.

But Ibrahim [a] was not afraid, not afraid at all, for he knew that Allah has power over all things and that He protects his all faithful servants.

Allah helped Ibrahim [a] and said to the fire, “O Fire, become cooI and safe for Ibrahim!.”

And so it was. The fire became cool and safe. The people could not believe what they saw. The fire which was so hot that even they could not approach was not burning Ibrahim [a], not even a single hair on him.

Again, they were silent, silent and and confused, and quite ashamed too. And so Allah showed to all who wished to see, that He has power over all that can be.