Chapter 3 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

Chapter 3

Allah had made ‘Isa [a] a Prophet and Messenger, and gave him wisdom and guidance, and very deep understanding.

Nabi ‘Isa [a] saw the wickedness of the Jews. He saw how they mischievously mixed idol-worship with the pure message of Musa [a], and how they changed the Book of Allah, the heavenly Tawrah.

He saw there cruelty and their disbelief, their selfishness and greed, but what angered him most was their haughty, puffed-up pride.

And so Nabi ‘Isa [a] began his mission, to call the Jews and all his people, to Allah and to His religion, to the way of their father Adam [a], and to submission.

He reminded them of their ancestors, the Prophets Ibrahim [a] and Musa [a], of their piety and their goodness and their love for their Lord, Allah.

He scolded them for their forgetfulness and for following the disbelievers. He commanded them to pray for forgiveness and to to mend their evil practices.

He told them that Allah had chosen him as His Messenger to preach His great Words, to guide them to the right path, and show them His mighty signs.

But the Jews and their priests, the Rabbis, would not listen. They had become like the idol-worshippers of old, they had become stubborn.

“Hah! Are you a messenger, a prophet of Allah? We see you only as a poor man, a man with no father!” they scoffed at Nabi ‘Isa [a].

They ignored all the good advice Nabi ‘Isa [a] had given them. They sounded, infact, just like Nimrud and Fir’awn, they had become the friends of shaytan.


(For vocabulary, please see First Two chapters of this story)