Chapter 3 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

Although he was brought up as a prince, enjoying every luxury and comfort, the suffering of the Banu Isra’il who slaved around him, living like animals do, made him very unhappy.

One day Musa [a] saw an Egyptian nobleman mercilessly beating an Israelite slave. Seeing such cruelty, Musa [a] fell upon the Egyptian in order to save the Israelite slave but in his anger he dealt such a heavy blow that the Egyptian was killed on the spot. Musa [a] was very regretful and prayed to Allah for forgiveness. He did not wish to kill the man. But the crime was very serious indeed and he had to flee from Egypt into the deserts that stretched across the shores of the Red Sea, into the land of Madyan.

His wanderings in the desert brought him one day to a watering place where he saw two maidens who were finding difficulty in drawing water from the well for their flock of sheep. Musa [a] went to their assistance. After helping them he quenched his own thirst and lay down to rest under the shade of a tree nearby.

Later one of the damsels came back. Approaching shyly, she said in a soft voice, “My father is grateful for what you had done for us. He invites you to our home so that he may thank you in person and reward you for your kindness.”

Musa [a] happily accepted the invitation and followed the maiden to her father whom he found to be a very kind, noble old man. His name was Shu’ayb. Shu’ayb and his family lived a very happy life in their comfortable and peaceful home.

Musa [a] introduced himself to Shu’ayb, explaining how he had come to be in Madyan. He told Shu’ayb the story of his youth and upbringing and how he had lived as a prince of Egypt in the palace of Fir’awn. He described what had happened to the Egyptian nobleman and how he was forced to leave Egypt. “You are well rid of them”, said Shu’ayb. “Who would live among such cruel people ? You should thank Allah for your escape,” added Shu’ayb.

Shu’ayb had already noticed the excellent qualities of Musa [a]. and was only too eager to accept his daughter’s advice.

Musa [a] thus stayed in the home of Shu’ayb and the two became close friends. One sunny day Shu’ayb proposed to Musa [a] that he marry one of his lovely daughters. Musa [a] was overjoyed at the proposal and before long the two were married. Musa [a] and his beautiful bride lived very happily in the bright joyous home of Shu’ayb.

But, even there, he was not at peace. He continued to think about the sorrow of his people and their sufferings in Egypt.