Chapter 3 – Read The Story


Allah was angry but He was kinder still, and so he decided to send a Messenger to them, a Prophet who would guide them.

This would be a Prophet who would teach them the right and true way, the way of their father Nabi Adam [a] who worshipped Allah, the One. And so Allah chose Nuh to be His messenger. He made him a Prophet, a guide to the people and a patient teacher.

Nabi Nuh [a] was a very good man. He was honest, truthful and sincere. He was a man of great faith, who called people to worship only Allah. He warned them not to disobey Allah and not to do any wicked deed, not to worship idols nor to follow shaytans evil way.

But the people refused to listen to Nabi Nuh [a]. They laughed at him, calling him a mad man. Some wicked people even beat him, and threated to kill him. Very few listened to him and even fewer still accepted him as the Prophet, the Guide from Allah.

Among those who refused to believe him was his very own son. His name was Kan’an. He was foolish and so very stubborn and whenever his father, the Prophet, spoke he who would go about telling people not to listen. Kan’an was truly a wicked child despite being the son of a great Prophet.

Nabi Nuh [a] stayed with his people for a very long time, nine hundred and fifty years to be exact, calling them to Allah. But his people would not believe, and their stone idols they simply refused to leave. They refused to return to Allah and to the correct way, the way of their father Adam [a].

Allah decided then to punish those who continued to disbelieve, those who rejected His Prophet, the patient Nabi Nuh [a], and who continued to disobey His laws. They would all be punished in a most dreadful way, they would be drowned to the last man, in a great and fearful flood.