Chapter 4 – Read The Story


Now a great king ruled from Mosul city, and he ruled very cruelly. Nimrud was his name and he ruled over all Chaldea. People were forced to bow down before him and to believe in him as their god.

So when the King heard that lbrahim [a] bowed down to Allah alone and not to any other, he became furious and ordered his capture. Ibrahim [a] was warned about the wicked king but he feared none but Allah, and so he walked bravely right up to the throne of the evil King of Chaldea.

Nimrud foolishly thought that he was most powerful and so he asked Ibrahim [a], “Who is your Lord, O Ibrahim?”

lbrahim answered, “My Lord is Allah.”

The king was shocked for no one before had dared to worship any but him and he immediately asked “Who is Allah?”

Ibrahim said, “The One Who gives life and death.”

The King quickly replied, “Well, I give life and death. Let me show you.” He had a man brought before him and had him killed. Then he had another man brought and let him live. Thereafter he very proudly said, “See! I give life and death. I had a man put to death and another I let live.”

The King was very silly indeed. All disbelievers are foolish in such matters. This is what happens to those who do not worship Allah alone.

But Ibrahim [a] wanted the King to understand. He wanted all the people in the kings land to understand, to believe in One Allah and to worship Him alone.

So he said to the King, “Allah causes the sun to rise from the east. Now you make it rise from the west.”

The King was speechless. He was ashamed and could think of nothing to say.

Ibrahim’s [a] people had become angry. The King had become angry.

Even lbrahim’s father had become angry. They all refused to listen and to understand. They all refused to believe in Allah and to worship Him alone.

So Ibrahim [a] decided to travel to a different land where he could call people to Allah in peace, and worship the Creator of all, Allah his Friend, the One. With a sad sigh he [a] said good-bye to his father and left his land.