Chapter 4 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

One day while travelling with his family, Musa [a] saw a fire blazing from the Mountain of Sinai. “Stay here!”, he told his wife. “I am going over there to bring back a burning ember, and with it we will make a fire to warm ourselves.”

But when he reached that which he thought to be a fire, he found a glorious blaze of light, a light so bright it lit up the heavens and the earth from east to the very far west.

Suddenly an All-Powerful voice fell upon his ears, “O Musa! I am your God. I am Allah, the Lord of the worlds.” Musa [a] stood overawed, fascinated and speechless.

“Now throw down your staff!”, commanded the Voice. Musa [a] obeyed, and miraculously, the staff stirred to life and began to slither about. It had turned into an enormous snake.

Musa [a] was shocked by the unexpected sight, but the Voice calmly reassured him. “O Musa!” It said. “Fear not for no harm shall come to you. Now place, your hand under your arm, near to your heart, and see what shall be seen!” And lo, the hand glowed bright with the glory and splendor of Allah. Allah had filled the heart of Musa [a] with the light of faith and revelation.

“Now go!”, said the Voice, “with these two signs, to the wicked Fir’awn and to his people. Go as My messenger and free the Banu Isra’il from slavery!”

Musa [a] had been chosen by Allah to be His Prophet to the Banu Isra’il. He was now Nabi Musa [a], Prophet and Messenger of the Lord of the Worlds.

Nabi Musa [a] was fearful of the great duty placed upon him. He was commanded to free a whole nation from slavery and change the wicked ways of a powerful king. This was no easy task. “O Allah!” Nabi Musa [a] prayed, “Make my brother Harun my helper for he is a better speaker than I am.”

“We will certainly give you the strength of your brother Harun and together you shall preach My word”, said the Voice of Allah.

So Nabi Musa [a] returned to his family greatly excited, and immediately set out on his journey to Egypt.