Chapter 4 – Read The Story


Allah commanded Nabi Nuh [a] to build an Ark, a huge ship like none had seen before. Allah told him that He was to send down rains, so much rain as had never been seen, ever. He told His Prophet that the whole world would be completely covered in water, and that all the wicked people would be drowned, every single man except the believer.

Nabi Nuh [a] at once began to build the Ark. He was helped by those few who believed in him and followed the path of Allah. When the disbelievers saw what Nabi Nuh [a] was doing they began to laugh. Making fun of him they would say, “Look at that foolish man for goodness sake! He is building a ship where there is neither sea, river nor lake!”

“How and where are you going to float your Ark?” asked some in amusement. And turning to their friends they would say, ”Did we not tell you all along that this man is mad!”

Nabi Nuh [a] looked at the unbelievers and said to them, “Take this warning from me, and I do not lie! Allah will send a fearful storm in which you and your wealth and all your children will be completely destroyed”.

The people laughed back in mockery. “A rain storm indeed!” cried one. “Why we have so little rain here that my youngest child does not even know what a raindrop looks like!” reasoned another.

Nabi Nuh [a] turned to his son Kan’an and said, “There is still time, my son. Obey Allah and ask His forgiveness. He is Merciful and All Forgiving. Help me to save you as well as these people from destruction”.

“O my son,” Nabi Nuh [a] pleaded, “Believe in Allah and come with me on the Ark and do not be with the unbelievers!”

“My father is indeed mad”, said Kan’an turning to the people who laughed even more. They all called Nabi Nuh [a] an old fool.

Nabi Nuh [a] and his small group of faithful followers continued the work day and night, and at long last the day came when the Ark was ready.

Allah then commanded Nabi Nuh [a] to take with him a pair of every living creature, of every animal and bird, and every useful plant, fruit and seed. He commanded the Prophet to fill the Ark with every provision and every other thing they would need.

So Nabi Nuh [a] set to work again to prepare for the coming storm, for he knew that thereafter they would have to start a new life on earth once more.