Chapter 5 – Read The Story


For many years Prophet Ibrahim [a] travelled through the earth calling people to Allah, until one day he was commanded by Allah to journey to the hills of Makkah in the deserts of Arabia. Nabi Ibrahim [a] made for Makkah with his pious wife Hajar [a] and Ismail, their baby son. There were no plants or trees in Makkah, no well or river. There were no people or animals, no bird or creature.

It was a hot, dry, deserted place, with only sand dunes and rocky hills. Prophet Ibrahim [a] stayed there among the sandy dunes for a while, with his wife and baby son, Ismail.

One hot, sunny day Allah commanded Nabi Ibrahim [a] to leave his wife and baby son, and go to another land, to preach His message and call people to Allah, the One.

Prophet Ibrahim [a] trusted Allah, for he knew that Allah would protect the baby and his mother from all harm. He knew that Allah always protects his obedient servants.

As he left his wife Hajar [a] asked him, ”Where are you going? Are you going to leave us here? Are you going to leave with no food or water? Has Allah commanded you to do this?”

Nabi Ibrahim [a] replied,”Yes. I have to go now so have faith in Allah.”

Hajar was a pious wife who had true faith and so she said, “If that be so then Allah will not let us die.”

Left alone in the hot, sandy desert with sharp rocky mountains all around, Hajar [a] began to search for water. She ran here and there, from the one hill of Safa to the next, Marwah, but alas there no water to be found, not a drop anywhere.

Then suddenly, she saw a little fountain, a fountain from Allah, a fountain of cool, crystal water. The water bubbled out from beneath the sand where the child lsmail was kicking with his tiny heels.

“Zam! Zam! Stop! Stop flowing away!” Hajar [a] cried as she quickly began digging around the fountain with her bare hands. This she did to stop the water from flowing away and to form a pond.

Many years later a deep well was dug at the fountain. The well is known to this day as the well of Zamzam. Allah has blessed the water of Zamzam. This is the well from which people drink during the pilgrimage, the Haj. Some even take the Zamzam water back to their own countries to share with their families and friends. Have you ever drunk Zamzam water?