Chapter 5 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)


As time went by, many more people began to believe in Nabi ‘Isa [a], the one they knew was inspired. He was loved by all, honoured and admired.

Now the Jews hated him more still. They were jealous of him, and jealousy we know is the most wicked thing.

They began to spread lies about Nabi ‘Isa [a], the son of the pure woman, and said to the people that ‘Isa was a magician, or at the very least a mad-man. Hmm! I wonder who they sound like.

The Jewish priests and rabbis hated him most. This was so because Nabi ‘Isa [a] knew that they had changed the Tawrah, the heavenly book, brought by the noble messenger, Nabi Musa [a]. This they did for their love of sins, their greed for power, and their greed for a few gold coins.

They knew that they were now in grave danger. Soon their evil he would uncover, and then they would be seen for the devils they really were.

But they were cowards and feared the Prophet, Nabi ‘Isa [a]. After all he was strong and brave, and he was helped with the power of Allah.

At that time the Romans ruled over all of Palestine. They were an Idol worshipping people whom the Jews greatly admired, and to whom they meekly submitted.

The Jews went to them, trusting in the Roman might, thinking that perchance they would help rid them of their plight. And so they mixed truth with falsehood, and lied, as was their habit, and this is what they said, “There is a mischievous man, a man named ‘Isa, who hates your gods and your rule too. He does not obey your law, he plans to fight against you. He calls our young men to rise up, to rise up and destroy you. He is like a spark , a spark that lights a fire. If you ignore him today he might burn you tomorrow, or who knows maybe sooner.”

So the Romans decided to capture Nabi ‘Isa [a], the messenger of Allah. Roman soldiers, with swords and spears, rushed out to find him and bring him to justice, to answer the charge of plotting against them, and creating all that mischief. But he was nowhere to be seen. Where could he be found? Who would lead them to him? Who would be their hound?


(For vocabulary, please see First Two chapters of this story)