Chapter 5 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

Nabi Musa’s [a] brother, Nabi Harun [a], joined him in Egypt and together they began their mission of calling the Banu Isra’il to their message. They told them of all that had happened on the Mountain of Sinai, Nabi Musa’s [a] wondrous encounter and the revelation of Allah. The people were overjoyed and the hope of freedom filled the hearts of the enslaved people.

Nabi Musa [a] and Nabi Harun [a] then made their way to the palaces of the king of Egypt, Firawn.

Silence filled the court of Fir’awn as Nabi Musa began to speak, “O Fir’awn! I am a messenger from Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and I have come to you to demand the freedom of the Banu Isra’il whom you have kept in slavery and persecuted for so many years. I come with a clear sign from Allah, so be warned and fear Allah, your Creator.”

The wicked king was greatly amused. “So you are now a Prophet of Allah!” he laughed. “Well, show us a sign if you are truthful “.

Nabi Musa [a] at once threw down his staff and all those assembled in the court of Fir’awn drew back at the frightful sight before them. There arose a gigantic serpent, slithering and hissing.

Nabi Musa [a] reached over and the terrifying snake turned once more into a staff.

“Now see”, said Musa as he placed his hand under his arm, by his pure heart. As he drew it out, to everyone’s surprise, it was sparkling brilliantly, radiant with Divine Light.

Fir’awn and his chiefs were struck with wonder.

“This is magic, pure and simple!”, the chiefs told the king. “Musa is using magic to snatch away your kingdom.”

“Let us match his magic with that of our magicians”, advised the chiefs.

So Fir’awn issued orders to all the magicians of the land to gather on a certain day at his palace. He offered them a rich reward if they could defeat Nabi Musa [a].

On the appointed day all the magicians gathered at the palace of the king. When Nabi Musa [a] and Nabi Harun [a] arrived the chief magician stood up and addressed them saying, “O Musa! Will you be first or shall we?”

“You first,” replied Nabi Musa [a]. And so the magicians, who knew of the staff of Nabi Musa [a], threw their rods and magically the ground was covered with slithering, hissing snakes.

Then Nabi Musa [a], taking his turn, threw his staff to the ground, and behold! It began to devour the magician’s snakes until not a single one was left. The king’s magicians, realising that this was no magic nor was it trickery, bowed their heads down before Nabi Musa [a] and declared their belief in Allah, the Lord of the worlds. This was the work of a power far greater they had ever known, a power that could only be possessed by a Prophet of Allah.

“Now do you believe?” Nabi Musa [a] asked Fir’awn. But Fir’awn was angrier than before. He had been humiliated and his own magicians had turned against him.

Fir’awn looked fiercely towards the the magicians, “How dare you believe in Musa before I give you permission to do so?” he thundered. “I shall have you nailed to a cross and leave you to die a slow, painful death”, he threatened.

Instead of believing in Allah and releasing the Banu Isra’il from slavery, the wicked Fir’awn became even more cruel towards them, ordering his chiefs to work them even harder and beat them even more viciously.