Chapter 5 – Read The Story


As soon as all was ready and Nabi Nuh [a] could see that the storm was about to fall, he hurried to his son Kan’an to try one last time to save him from destruction.

“My son”, he said, “Please believe me when I say that the day of destruction is now near. There is still time. Believe and come aboard the Ark.” But Kan’an still refused to believe.

“What will you do when the floods comes” asked Nabi Nuh [a].

“There will be no storm”, replied Kan’an, “And even if floods do come, it would not harm me because my home is built on a hilltop”.

“That will not save you”, replied Nabi Nuh [a] .

“Well then, I will climb the tallest tree on the highest mountain and save myself”, said his son.

“You cannot escape the punishment of Allah!” Nabi Nuh [a] replied. There was nothing further that could be said to his disbelieving son and Nabi Nuh [a] sadly walked away.

Nabi Nuh [a] opened the enormous doors of his Ark to those who believed in Allah and His Prophet. All those who believed in him and followed him boarded the Ark. The unbelievers remained behind. They stood at a distance laughing and jeering at the believers. It seemed so amusing to them to see people boarding an Ark which stood on dry land on a cloudless, hot sunny day.

Then, all of a sudden, as if from nowhere, gigantic dark clouds gathered all around. And with a thunderous crash the waters came pouring down.

The rains came in great torrents and soon the whole countryside lay deep in water. All the houses were submerged in the deep waters. Even the tree tops began to disappear as the waters rose higher and higher. And those, like Kan’an who tried to save themselves by climbing the tallest trees, disappeared with them as the waters rose ever higher.

Only Nabi Nuh’s [a] Ark was safely floating over the seas of water, with waves like mountains, crashing and splashing all around. And only those who were in the Ark were safe. Everything else was destroyed.

At long last the rains stopped. But as far as the eye could see all around, there was not a patch of land anywhere to be found. For many, many days the Ark remained floating on the water.

As the days passed the clouds slowly parted and the sky could now be seen. One tiny rock at a time, the mountain tops began to reappear, and gradually the water began to disappear.

Until one sunny morning Nabi Nuh [a] and his band of faithful believers awoke to find their Ark on dry land. There was great rejoicing and from the Ark the people happily ran. They ran and jumped and skipped with joy and they gave thanks to Allah for saving and guiding them.

Nabi Nuh [a] and his people settled once again. Allah blessed his children and they filled the earth, spreading over the land. They built villages and towns and all sorts of things, and there were among them Prophets and wise men and powerful kings. “Peace be upon Nuh among all the worlds, Peace be upon Nuh among all beings.”