Chapter 6 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)


Ahh, there was one, a most wicked one. One who pretended to be a friend, but was instead the greatest fiend. He was Judas, a friend of Nabi ‘Isa [a], or so everyone thought. And for a few silver coins, Judas led the cruel Roman soldiers to him, to be caught.

It was after sunset when the soldiers marched into a beautiful garden, a garden just outside the walls of the holy city, the city of Jerusalem.

There they found a group of believers praying to Allah. “Where is your leader, the one they call ‘Isa?”

The Jewish rabbis and priests had plotted and so too did shaytan, whispering into the hearts, the hearts of evil, wicked men. But Allah too was plotting and as we all know, Allah is the Wise, and He always has the best plan.

As was said from the very beginning, and this would be right to very the ending, everything about Isa’ [a], son of Maryam, was to be quite amazing. So by the power of Allah, the traitor Judas was transformed. His face was made to look like ‘Isa, changed by the Creator. He was now to suffer, and suffer he did, the very same cruelty, he wished for his friend, the kind and loving ‘Isa, the gentle son of Maryam.

Judas was yelling and screaming, shouting, “I am innocent! I am not the one.” “Ahh, that is what every criminal says,” the soldiers replied, “No evil I have done.”

And so Judas was hung from a cross, tortured and stabbed to death. And there, in the end, did his wicked body rot like stinking filth.

The Jewish priests and rabbis celebrated the whole night long, dancing and drinking, and to this day they sing their evil, wicked song. “Hooray we have killed, killed the son of Maryam. Hooray we have succeeded, to protect our falsehood from him!”

But little did they realise that all the while they planned, Allah had protected His faithful servant, and raised him up body and soul, into the highest, seventh heaven.

And there he shall remain until the end of time when he is sure to return, and then the falsehood of the Jews and rabbis will surely burn, and burn.

“They said, ‘Surely we killed…‘Isa, son of Maryam, the Messenger of Allah.’ But they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but only a likeness of that was shown to them. …They have no sure knowledge about him, only following their imagination. They did not kill him but Allah raised him up to Himself. Know that Allah is Mighty, Wise’.”


(For vocabulary, please see First Two chapters of this story)