Chapter 6 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

Nabi Musa [a] told his people to pray to Allah and to be patient. He warned Fir’awn that a great punishment would come upon the land of Egypt if he did not heed Allah’s warning. But still Fir’awn refused.

The punishment came over the wicked king and his people. Allah withheld the rains and a drought gripped the land. There was a severe shortage of food and many began to die of starvation. But the stubborn king saw this punishment as nothing but the evil of Nabi Musa [a] and defiantly said, “We shall never believe in your sorcery, O Musa!”

The punishment of Allah came upon the evil king and his people even more fiercely. Firstly, the water of the vast river Nile turned to blood. None could drink it and all the fish in the river died.

Then, countless swarms of frogs appeared. They were everywhere; in the houses, in the gardens and in the street, crawling over everything, and everywhere you could feel them creep. The people had no water and now no peace. They became very afraid.

The king too was very scared. He now summoned Nabi Musa [a] and said, “O Musa! Pray on our behalf to your Allah. If we are saved from this punishment, then we shall truly believe in you and we shall allow you to take the Banu Isra’il with you as free men”.

But when Allah removed the frogs and the water of the Nile became fresh and sweet again, the king refused to fulfill his promise. So Allah’s punishment returned; first a plague of lice then followed clouds of hungry locusts which settled upon the fields and devoured all the vegetation.

Thereafter came terrible hailstorms and a dreadful disease which infected all the Egyptians covering their bodies with painful boils and sores. Through all this horror the Banu Isra’il were kept safe and protected.

Once again, Fir’awn and his people were terrified and begged Nabi Musa [a] to pray to Allah to save them, promising in return to believe in him and to free the Banu Isra’il. Thus it was that after years and years of slavery, the Banu Isra’il at last were allowed to go.