Chapter 6 – Read The Story


When Ismail grew up to be a strong, handsome young boy, Nabi Ibrahim [a] returned to Makkah. Everyone was happy for now they were together once more.

Nabi Ibrahim [a] loved his son dearly, more than any father ever could. They ran and played and skipped about, and rolled and wrestled from morning to night. And together they had such great and exciting fun, Nabi Ibrahim [a] and Ismail, both father and son. Little did the two realise that yet another test was to come.

Son loved father and father loved son, so what was to come next. Ahh, remember the story of Nuh [a] no partner does true love accept.

Allah decided to put Nabi Ibrahim’s [a] faith to the test, did he love Allah more or was his love for his son greater than that. So Allah commanded Nabi Ibrahim [a] to sacrifice his one and only son.

Those who love Allah and are faithful, always trust in Him and are ever obedient. They never question Allah’s commands, they are forever subservient.

Nabi Ibrahim [a] turned to his son saying, “ O my son, Allah has commanded me to sacrifice you, so what do you say?” The faithful son replied, “O my father Do as Allah has ordered you.”

So with great courage and a sharp knife in his hand, Nabi Ibrahim [a] took his son and led him to the place where Ismail, the son, was to be sacrificed.

And who should show up just there and then? Well, none other than the cursed shaytan. “Oh yes,” he said in his screechy, wicked voice, “To trick them into disobeying Allah I will do my very best.”

“Hey boy, your father means no good,” shaytan whispered, “He is going to throw you to the ground and slit your tiny throat. So run away, far away, and remember what I say, that sometimes Allah and His Prophet you should not obey.”

But Ismail was a true servant of Allah, even if only a child, and so he picked up some pebbles and with all his might, threw them at the cursed shaytan, and did the wicked one get a great fright.

No sooner did it strike him over his evil head but shaytan turned to stone right there in his slippery step. Nabi Ibrahim [a] laid his son down upon his face and put the knife firmly over his son’s tiny throat. And, looking up to the heavens, with all his might, he pushed down on the knife, for the love of his Creator, Allah.

But what was happening here, how strange indeed. No blood, no cut, not a drop not even a scratch. Allah who has power over all things had commanded the knife not to cut, for Nabi Ibrahim [a] had passed the test. His love for Allah was greater than all the rest.

Allah sent a ram from Jannah, the Garden. He said, “Now sacrifice this ram. Do not sacrifice your son.”

Allah was pleased with Nabi Ibrahim [a] and his son, so He commanded Muslims to a make a sacrifice every year, a sacrifice to remember the love of Nabi Ibrahim [a] for Allah, the One.

May Allah bless Nabi Ibrahim [a], the close friend of Allah and grant him everlasting peace.