Chapter 7 – Read The Story (Find Suitable Word Meanings in The Vocabulary List)

The Banu Isra’il were now free and set out on their joyous journey out of the land of Egypt. But again Fir’awn was to break his promise. No sooner did they leave but Fir‘awn set out with a great army in pursuit of them. His wickedness would not allow him to let the Banu Isra’il go in peace and enjoy their freedom.

The Banu Isra’il were very frightened indeed, but Nabi Musa [a] told them to trust in Allah and urged them to go forward. They went as far as the shores of the Red Sea. Here they were forced to stop. They had no ships with which to cross the blue waters of the sea, and the frightful thought occured to them that now they would surely perish at the hands of the king’s armies.

But Allah had promised to help Nabi Musa [a], and Allah never breaks His promise. Allah ordered Nabi Musa [a] to strike the water with his staff. Nabi Musa [a] obediently did as he was told. The staff splashed into the water and behold, the bluewhite waves began to separate miraculously and soon a clear path was made through the sea from shore to shore.

Nabi Musa [a] led the wonderstruck Banu Isra’il, and crossed the seabed on foot, safely reaching the opposite shore.

Firawn, in his fury and pride, and so not realising the dangers, charged with his armies into the sea path. But no sooner were they in its deepest part, but the water rushed back, submerging the whole army and drowning the wicked Fir’awn along with his soldiers, chariots, horses and all.

On the opposite shore of the Red Sea, the Banu Isra’il sang out in praise of Allah and His messenger, Nabi Musa [a]. They were glad. Their long years of slavery were over at last. They returned once more to Kan’an, the land of their forefathers, and there they settled, living in peace and happiness, worshipping Allah and praising Him for all His favours.

This is the reward for those who believe in Allah and obey His commands, and a warning to those who, because of pride and greed, disobey the messengers of Allah and do evil on the earth.