Chapter 7 – Read The Story


Nabi Ibrahim [a] left Makka a second time and returned again a second time. This time he decided to build a house for Allah, a place where only He would be worshipped.

So father and son both got to work, carrying stones from the mountains and mixing water and sand, and with these they built the Ka’bah, the House of Allah, helping each other and all this with their very own hands.

Ibrahim would always remember Allah and calling on Him, he would say , “O Allah, accept this from us! You are the AlI-Hearing, the All-Seeing!”

Allah did indeed accept this service from Nabi Ibrahim [a] and the pious son Ismail, and He blessed the Ka’bah. And to this day, five thousand years later, Muslims face the Ka’bah for every single Salah, every day and every night, and while making every little prayer.

“May Allah bless Nabi Ibrahim [a] and grant him peace forever! May Allah bless Nabi Ismail [a] and Hajar, the pious wife and believer.”