Conditions of the Shahadah

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The conditions of the shahadah are 7:

    • Knowledge – to understand what it means.

    • Certainty – to have no doubt about anything confirmed in the Quran or Sunnah.

    • Acceptance – by the tongue and the heart of whatever the Shahadah implies.

    • Submission/compliance – the actual physical enactment by deeds.

    • Truthfulness – to say the Shahadah sincerely, with honesty, to actually mean it.

    • Sincerity – to do it solely for the sake of Allah.

    • Love – to love the Shahadah and to love its implications and requirements and what it stands for.

The second part of the Shahadah also has conditions:

  • To believe in the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, and in whatever he told us and conveyed to us.

  • To obey him in whatever he commanded us to do.

  • To stay away from or avoid whatever he commanded us not to do.

  • To follow or emulate him in our ibadah, akhlaq and way of life.

  • To love him more than we love ourselves, our family and anything else in this world.

  • To understand, practice and promote his Sunnah in the best way possible, without creating any chaos, enmity or harm.