Etiquettes of Passing the Day

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1) When starting in the morning, first make the intention to obey Allah’s commands scrupulously.

2) Make a firm intention to encourage righteousness and discourage wrongdoing during that day.

3) Make a firm intention to assist any person who may ask your assistance that day.

4) Pray to Allah, asking him for strength and wisdom to fulfill your duty as a Muslim for that day.

5) Try your level best to do as much good as you possibly can, knowing that that day will never return again.

6) Continuously beg Allah for forgiveness for any wrongdoing or oversight on your part during that day.

7) Before going to bed in the evening pray for all those people who have been good to you during that day.

8) Also forgive anyone who may have harmed you. Ask Allah to guide them or give them what they justly deserve so as to protect others from their harm.