Etiquettes of Salah

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1) Before commencing the Salah ensure that the body, clothing, and place of prayer are clean and that a proper Wudu’ has been perform.

2) When performing Wudu’, clean the teeth with a miswak (tooth stick).

3) Offer the Salah in neat, clean and decent clothes.

4) Salah must be offered punctually.

5) All adult Muslim males should offer Salah in congregation (Jama’ah ). Even if for some reason the congregation is missed, the Fard (obligatory) prayers should be offered in the Masjid. Sunnah prayers may, however, be offered at home.

6) Salah should be offered in a tranquil state, with composure and peace of mind.

7) Every posture should be performed calmly with a reasonable pause between two postures.

8) Salah must be offered with concentration, humility, and submissiveness.

9) Unnecessarily moving one’s hand or feet, scratching the body, combing the beard with ones fingers and setting ones clothes right are acts of disrespect and insolence and should be avoided.

10) Salah is a means of achieving nearness to Allah, therefore offer the prayer as if you are before Him, or at the very least imagine that Allah is watching you.

11) You should act upon the teachings learnt in the Salah and let it reflect in your daily life.

12) While offering Salah, the Holy Qur’an should be recited slowly and clearly. This applies to all the other du’a’s and declarations uttered during the prayer. All these should be recited with appropriate pauses and with concentration, ardour, and alertness of mind.

13) If Salah is offered with understanding and care, then only is it regarded as true prayer.