Etiquettes of Visiting the Bazaar

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1) When entering the bazaar make a firm intention to conduct all transactions strictly according to the Shari’ah.

2) Make a firm intention to be honest and fair in all you dealings.

3) Do not cheat nor allow yourself to be cheated.

4) Do not buy any doubtful goods no matter how cheap they may be.

5) Do not commit yourself to any contract regarding which you are unsure or which may be ambiguous.

6) Be polite and patient with sales men and customers alike.

7) Do not be overly insistent on demanding a lower price for an item you wish to purchase.

8) Do not be impolite nor make a nuisance of yourself.

9) Do not act or speak in an inappropriate manner nor talk about inappropriate things in the bazaar.

10) Do not overspend or buy anything that is unnecessary.

11) Do not litter.

12) Use the public facilities, like toilets, responsibly.

13) Do not spend too much time unnecessarily in the bazaar.