From This Story We Have Learned:

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– Even disbelievers can possess exemplary qualities and do the most noble deeds.

– A disbeliever can sometimes be a great friend and supporter of a Muslim in his faith.

– Good deeds by themselves are simply not enough for salvation.

– Belief in Allah and embracing the religion of Islam is the only salvation.

– The greatest concern of all Prophets was that their people enter paradise and are saved from hellfire.

-Disbelievers blindly follow the ways of their forefathers.

– A Muslim follows only the path of the Prophets of Allah

– True Muslims are ever concerned about the condition of people in the hereafter.

– We must always try to convince people to embrace Islam, even up their last breath of life.

– Never give up the effort of calling people to Islam.

-What the disbelievers fear most is the spread of Islam and thus losing their power and privileges.
– The perceptive disbelievers recognize the truth of Islam but deny it for ulterior motives.

– It is not permissible to pray for those who have died as disbelievers.

– Allah never forgives a person who dies a disbeliever. This is because true love accepts no partners and faith is an expression of love.

– The least punishment in Jahannum is fire that rises up to the heels which causes the brains to boil.

– Disbelievers will be punished in Hell forever.

– A believer who is guilty of a sin, and does not repent, will be punished for a while but thereafter he will enter Jannah.

– Only true faith in Allah, the One, and accepting His religion, Islam, can save one from His anger and punishment