From this story we have learned:

Topic Progress:

– We are commanded to remember Allah, the One.

– Remembering Allah by declaring his Oneness is a great form of worship.

– All of creation remember Allah, praising him at all times.

– We too must remember Allah at all times.

– The best way to remember Allah is to recite the words ‘Lailaha illallah’, (There is no god but Allah).

– Allah has created many different worlds.

– Allah is greater than all the worlds.

– The holy name of Allah too is greater than all the worlds.

Just as Allah is greater than all His creation, so too is His holy name and His holy words.

Every door requires a special key to open it, and so too do the doors of Jannah. The key which unlocks the doors of Jannah is ‘La-ilaha illallah’ , belief in the Oneness of Allah.