From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– The Muslim Ummah is constituted of many different races.

– Islam is not an Arab religion meant only for Arabs. It is guidance sent to all mankind.

– Racism is never tolerated in Islam.

– The masjid is not only meant for prayer but for education and instruction as well.

– If we see something wrong we should address it immediately and not procrastinate.

– The God of all humanity is one, the father of humanity is one and the religion of humanity is one.

– All human beings are equal, the Arab not being superior to the non-Arab nor the free man superior to the slave.

Faith, piety, good action and service to Islam are all that make one person better than the next.

– Neither race, status nor wealth makes a person a member of the Muslim Ummah. It is firm belief in the oneness of Allah and love for his dear Prophet Muhammad [s] that unites so many different people into one, single Ummah.

– Allah chooses only the best of human beings to be the companions of His Prophets [a]. The Sahabah were therefore the best of all human beings.