From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– The greatest knowledge is the knowledge of Islam.
– Great knowledge cannot be acquired without great sacrifice.

– The greatest teacher was the Holy Prophet [s] and thereafter his Companions [r].
– In order to acquire knowledge one has to sit in the company of the learned. Books, of themselves, are not sufficient.

– A student must not cause any inconvenience to his teachers.
– A student is obliged to go to the teacher for knowledge and not expect the teacher to come to him.
– Being the relative of an important personality does not give you any special privilege as a student.

– Allah bestows knowledge and understanding consonant with ones respect, humility, self sacrifice and obedience to teachers.

– Allah only makes those who are respectful to their teachers the means of guidance for the people of the world. The proud are never used to guide mankind.

– The knowledge of Islam is a guiding light and pride and disrespect are evil darknesses. And where there is darkness there can never be light.