From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– The Sahabah [r] were the best of all Muslims and no one can reach their status.
– Those who emulate the Sahabah [r] are the most fortunate of all people.

– Self sacrifice is the surest sign of true virtue and piety.
– Never disappoint those who come to you with a request.
– Never delay in addressing the needs of the hungry and destitute.
– Be ever eager to do good deeds.

– Entertain the guest to the best of your ability.
– Give preference to the guest over the housefolk.
– Make the guest feel comfortable and uninhibited.
– Give the guest the best that you have.
– Feed the guest to his fill.
– Allah loves and honours those who honour their guests.

– In the example of the Prophet Muhammad [s] and his Companions we have the best example of good character and manners.