From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– A husband must be tender and considerate towards his wife.
– A husband must not be impatient with his wife.
– A husband should not make his wife feel blameworthy for accidental mishaps or errors nor scold or reprimand her.

– The Holy Prophet Muhammad [s] loved his wife, ‘A’ishah, dearly.

– A child must not back-chat a parent when being reprimanded.

– Do not disturb others when they are sleeping.

– Revelation was revealed during specific occasions to guide the Muslims in resolving practical problems.
– Allah intends ease and convenience for us.

– Tayammum is performed in the absence of sufficient water.

– Allah has guided Muslims often through the family of Abu Bakr [r], the closest Companion of the Holy Prophet Muhammad [s].

– Everything that happens, no matter how insignificant, happens for a reason.