From This Story We Have Learnt

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– The month of Ramadan is always eagerly awaited by the true believers.
– The true believers are always eager to know the words of the Prophet [s].

– Ramadan is a blessed month in which the rewards for good deeds are multiplied over and over.
– Any act of worship performed during the night of Qadr is equal to worshiping Allah for a thousand months continuously.

– The Tarawih salah in Ramadan is a great sunnah which brings a great reward to the one who performs it.

– The reward for patience and compassion towards others is Jannah and safety from Jahannum.
– By feeding the fasting person we get a reward equal to his reward for fasting including any other good deed done by him during that day.

– Only the true believers who are compassionate to their fellow human beings will drink from the pond of Kawthar on the day of Judgement.
– Servants and workers must be treated with consideration and compassion, especially in Ramadan.

– The greatest deed that any person can do is to declare that there is no god except Allah.
– Begging for Allah’s forgiveness is a sign of humility and sincerity.

– True success is to enter Jannah and to be saved from the fire of Jahannum.