From This Story We Have Learnt

– The disbelievers will always hate those who believe in Allah. This is so because they have become the friends of shaytan.
– All kings who are proud and disbelieve in Allah become cruel and wicked.
– Evil kings will commit the greatest evil in order to hold on to power. This is so because they love the life of this world and do not believe in the heareafter.
– Allah gives some people power and rule only to test them, which are best in action. Power and rule are not a favour because the very same can lead one to destruction.

– What Allah decides must happen will happen, and not even powerful kings can change that.
– Allah has the power to make a raging river, which otherwise drowns, a place of safety for even a little child.
– Allah has the power to make even the home of your greatest enemy a place of safety.
– Those who put their trust in Allah are never disappointed.

– All Prophets are created perfect in every way. All are very handsome and all are very strong.
– In order to overcome an enemy it is necessary to know him well. This is the reason Allah had Nabi Musa [a] grow up in the palace of Fir’awn.
– Wealth and luxury never corrupt the pure at heart.

– We must be concerned for the poor and oppressed and do everything in our power to help them, even if we ourselves are living in comfort.
– In helping others in need we must be careful never to become oppressors in turn, as for example when Nabi Musa [a] killed the Egyptian nobleman, although , keep in mind that that was done accidentally.
– Always help those who need assistance, especially the young, the old, women and the frail.
– Always show your appreciation to those who assist as for example by assisting them in turn.
– Allah always rewards those who mean well and come to the assistance of those who are in need.

– Hospitality is a distinctive attribute of the Prophets and the pious servants of Allah.

– When seeking to employ a worker always ensure that he is trustworthy and strong.

– It is the duty of the Father primarily to find a suitable husband for his daughter.
– There is nothing wrong for the father of a woman, or for that matter the woman herself, to propose marriage to a suitable man.
– When intending marriage, always look for one who has commendable spiritual and moral qualities first.

– Prophets are always restless, ever concerned about the suffering of others.
– Allah chooses His Prophets and no one can, by himself, become a prophet.
– Only the best of all human beings are chosen as Prophets.
– No creature can see Allah because He is much too powerful and mighty for human eyes to behold.

– What seems to be beneficial to us Allah can make harmful, and what seems to be harmful to us Allah can make beneficial, as for example the staff and the snake.

– To be eloquent in speech is very important in conveying an important message.
– Never be afraid of standing up for the truth, even before a mighty king.

– Belief does not depend on miracles, because the stubborn Kafir will not believe even if he witnesses miracles. A Muslim will believe without any miracle whatsoever.
– All disbelievers accuse the Prophets of magic and sorcery when they perform their miracles. Muslims see these miracles as signs from Allah of the truthfulness of a Prophet.

– Those who know Kufr best often become the strongest believers, because they are able to appreciate the truth even more.

– Stubborn people who are are cornered and who cannot justify their position always resort to violence.
– Allah punishes severely those who see his signs and still refuse to believe.
– Allah punishes by removing His blessings and provision.
– Pride and anger causes people to lose their common sense.

– The stubborn disbeliever never keeps his promise.
– The oppressor only stops his violence when threatened with greater violence. Appealing to his moral sense will not work because his heart has become corrupt.
– The wickedness of those who stubbornly disbelieve does not allow them to leave others in peace. When they are at war with Allah how can they be at peace with others?

– Allah’s help is always with those who call people to His way.
– Allah always comes to the rescue of those who believe in him and follow His Prophets.
– Allah’s help always comes in the end. Muslims are expected to put their trust in Allah and be patient.

– Allah has the power to make oceans that drown a means of salvation and safety.
– Allah has the power to make the frailest staff move the mightiest oceans.
– Believers are ever grateful to Allah for His blessings and help.
– In the end, only the believers are successful. Those who disbelieve, no matter how powerful they may be, will, in the end always fail.