From This Story We Have Learnt

– Angels are invisible, but they do sometimes appear before the very pious.
– Angels are created from light.
– Angels serve Allah.
– Angel Jibra’il is the angel who brings Allah’s messages and revelation to mankind.
– Allah is All-Powerful.
– Allah creates whatever he wills by simply uttering His command “Be!” and it becomes.

– Nabi ‘Isa [a] was created by Allah’s command. He had no father. He was just like Nabi Adam [a] who too had no father.
– Nabi ‘Isa’s [a] first miracle was to speak as ababy.
– Everything about Nabi ‘Isa [a] was miraculous.

– Children should only be born within marriage.

– We must always defend those who are falsely accused, even if we are only little children.
– Never level an accusation until you have all the facts at hand, no matter how guilty someone may seem.

– Prophets are chosen by Allah alone.
– All Prophets are caring and generous and especially kind towards their parents.
– All prophets are created perfect. All are kind, truthful, handsome, strong and very clever indeed.

– Everyone loves and admires those who are kind, truthful and thoughtful.
– As we grow older we should strive to develop our good qualities too.

– By mixing with non-believers and following their ways a Muslim could slowly lose his faith.
– By mixing truth with falsehood the heart becomes hard as a rock and dark as the night.
– By disobeying Allah’s commands and committing sin, we gradually lose respect for His Holy Books and His Religion.
– When believing people turn away from Allah’s Religion, they become even more evil and more wicked than the non-believers.

– By being the children and descendants of Prophet’s does not guarantee guidance. Do you remember the story of the son of Nabi Nuh [a].

– No fault can be found with the message of truth, and so disbelievers always look for personal faults in the Messengers to justify their disobedience.
– Prophets are always patient, no matter how wicked the people may be. And so they try again and again, this because of their great concern.
– All the miracles Prophet’s perform are done only by the power of Allah, and not of their own accord.

– When the hearts of people have become rotten with pride, then no amount of miracles will be enough to convince them. Pride is one sickness that no miracle can cure.
– Pride and stubbornness blinds people from seeing the truth and destroys their common sense.
– Wealth, power and strength are not signs of success and favour. Often they are traps that lead us to Jahannum.
– Wealth , power and strength, if not used correctly, create pride in the hearts of men.

– The worst disbelievers are those who recognise the truth and still reject it.
– For this reason the Jews are regarded as the worst disbelievers by Allah. The very first Surah of the Holy Qur’an describes them as, “…Those upon whom the wrath of Allah desecnds…”
– The disbelievers always mock the Prophets of Allah and attempt to harm them in every way.

– Those who are not proud easily accept the message of Prophets.
– The poor accept the message of Prophets more readily too. This because they are not blinded by pride and wealth.

– Enemies sometimes pretend to be friends. These are the most dangerous type.
– The disbelievers are always jealous of the Prophets of Allah. Is this regard they are all just like shaytan who envied Adam [a].
– Jealousy causes people to do the most wicked things.
– Because disbelievers cannot disprove the message of Allah, they resort to lies and slander against the Prophets.

– The Tawrah was corrupted after Nabi Musa [a] passed away by greedy, unscrupulous Jewish priests.
– The most evil crime is to change the Books of Allah and to lie against Him.
– The most evil crime is to change the Religion of Allah and use it to acquire wealth and privilege.
– The Jewish priests were guilty of both.

– The Jews, because of their cowardice, have always used stronger powers to achieve their goals.
– What falsehood fears most is to be exposed. For that reason it does everything in its power to remain hidden.
– By mixing truth with lies credibility is given to the lies.
– The hypocrite, the enemy within is always the greatest danger.
– Self interest and greed is the distinctive attribute of the hypocrite.
– Even though it may seem that the Hypocrite initially has the upper hand, in the end he will always suffer the worst fate, in this world, and especially in the hereafter.

– Evil men and shaytan plot and plan, but Allah also plans and His plan is always much better.
– The evil we wish for others will always return to us.
– Evil doers fool themselves into thinking that they are indeed the successful ones. This in fact is also a means of punishment because it leads them onto to greater sin and thus greater punishment.

– The Jews have distinguished themselves as the greatest enemies of Allah’s Prophets by killing them (as for example Nabi Zakariyyah and Nabi Yahya [a] ) or at the very least trying their level best to kill them (for example Nabi ‘Isa [a] and Nabi Muhammad [s] ).

– Nabi ‘Isa [a] was not killed. Allah took him into the heavens and one day he will return.
– When Nabi ‘Isa [a] returns the Jews and their falsehood will be destroyed.