From This Story We Have Learnt

– Knowledge of Islam and piety bring greater power and respect than wealth and kingdom.
– Wisdom and piety are the great est blessings of Allah.

– True Muslims spend their lives serving Allah’s religion and guiding mankind.

– Good nicknames are permissible.

– Kings rule over the people but the learned rule over kings.
– Rulers must govern their lands as the scholars instruct.

– Only those who do not have knowledge and understanding doubt the existence of Allah.
– The disbelievers only wish to create doubt and confusion amongst people without providing any alternate guidance whatsoever. Mischief is their ‘great achievement’.
– Hypocrites are the greatest enemies of the Muslims.
– Only those Muslims who have knowledge should engage in debates.
– It is only the scholars of Islam who give strength to Islam and bring comfort to Muslims.

– The best way of instructing people is to use simple examples that everyone can understand.
– The simple argument is always the most powerful one.
– The best way to win a debate is to make your opponent acknowledge your position without even realizing it.

– In creation, nothing happens by itself. There is always a cause.
– Allah is the ultimate cause.
– The existence of the universe is the greatest proof that Allah exists.
– Islamic beliefs are simple, reasonable and logical.
– Belief in Allah is the only logical explanation of the existence of the universe.