From This Story We Have Learnt

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– In defending Islam, Muslims have never been afraid to confront armies much larger than their own.

– The greatest weapon a Muslim has is Du’a‘ through which Allah’s help is sought.
– If Allah helps us, none can defeat us, and if Allah withdraws His help, none can help us.
– Allah’s help comes through His angels who assist and strengthen the believers.

– The greatest strength in battle is strength of heart and courage. This comes with strong Iman.
– Revelation is a tremendous source of comfort and strength to the believers.

– Islam is indeed a religion of peace, but when its enemies insist on destroying all peace then they in turn must be destroyed in order to ensure peace.

– Only the Prophets of Allah can see angels, but sometimes Allah allows the true believers to see them too.
– When angels do appear to ordinary people they take the form of very handsome men with shining faces.

– The turban is an important part of the Islamic dress code and a symbol of the angels.
– Angels are very powerful and no man can match them in strength.

– Allah’s assistance as well as His punishment comes through the angels.