From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Meditation and deep thinking are very helpful in developing awareness and understanding.
– Worldly preoccupations often keep us distracted from Allah and the spiritual world.

– Angels are made of light.
– Angels are powerful creatures larger than our world.
– Angel Jibra’il [a] is the angel of revelation.

– Allah communicates with mankind through revelation.
– The Prophets of Allah never forget the books revealed to them nor do they make any mistakes in conveying them to us.

– Prophets are chosen by Allah. No amount of spiritual exercises or meditation can make one a Prophet.

– Revelation comes in different ways to the Prophets. Either through the angel Jibra’il [a] coming in his original form or the form of a very handsome man, or in the form of true dreams, or direct communication with Allah as was the case with Nabi Musa [a] on Mount Sinai or the Holy Prophet [s] during the Mi’raj.

– Allahs words are tremendously powerful and only Prophets who have been gifted with great physical and spiritual strength can bear to receive them.
– The power of Allah’s voice is such that a single word uttered directly by Allah can reduce the entire universe to dust.