From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Allah is always with the true Muslims.
– None can defeat those who have the help of Allah.

– Muslim armies are not permitted to harm innocent civilians, the elderly, women and children.
– Allah hates those who are cruel and oppressive, even if they be Muslims.
– Allah loves only those who show compassion and who forgive.
– Allah loves those who choose peace over war.

– A Muslim recognises that all success and good comes from Allah.
– Good comes to us by Allah’s grace and not because we necessarily deserve it.
– A Muslim is therefore grateful to Allah when good comes to him and is never proud nor haughty.
– True Muslims are humble in victory and forbearance in defeat.

– A Muslim respects the sacred symbols of Allah and His Prophets [a].
– A Muslim ruler must always be humble and simple in his ways.
– A True Muslim always avoids pomp and show.

– A Muslim must treat his servant as an equal.
– He must feed his servant with what he himself eats and clothe him with what he himself wears.
– We are all equal in the sight of Allah and we are all children of the same parents, Adam and Hawwa [a].
– A true Muslim always aspires towards equality in all matters and shuns discrimination and selfish privilege.

– Muslims are people whom Allah has honoured with Islam, and if they choose any other way, Allah will surely disgrace them.
– People are filled with awe and respect for those Muslims who strictly follow the way of the blessed Prophet Muhammad [s].
– Sayyiduna ‘Umar [r] strictly followed the teachings of the beloved Prophet [s] of Allah.

– A Muslim is always kind and generous to those under his authority and rule.

– Prophets [a] make predictions about the future by the knowledge which Allah gives to them.
– Sayyiduna ‘Umar [r], the great Khalif of Islam, was honoured by Allah to establish Islam firmly in many lands. He became the fulfillment of the prophecies of previous Prophets [a].

– People rush to embrace Islam only when Muslims display the best of character and kind treatment to all.