From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– When in the masjid, observe silence.
– When listening to the words of Allah and His Messenger [s], be attentive.

– Children may wear attractive, colourful clothes in public. Not so mature females.

– Giving due attention and consideration to children is as important as the sacred duty of teaching the religion of Allah.
– Hugging and kissing one’s children is a great sunnah of the beloved Prophet [s] and an act of ‘ibadah.

– Special love and attention are due to grandchildren.
– Children will love and cherish only those who love and cherish them.

– Children should be given prominence and not be considered a nuisance and shoved away.
– Children should be accommodated and made to participate in religious lectures and activities.

– Not only are grown-up children expected to visit parents, but parents too should visit their children and grandchildren.

– Children who are distressed should be comforted immediately.
– Nothing should come before a child who needs comforting, even salah.

– Children may attend the congregational prayers if they understand and observe the etiquette of attendance at the masjid.
– Even if children do sometimes innocently misbehave in the masjid, they should not be treated harshly. The elders should try their best to overlook their mistakes and accommodate them.

– It is not necessary to be solemn and serious in the masjid all of the time.

– Children play is as important in the sight of Allah and His beloved Messenger [s] as prayer and other rites of worship.

– The Prophet [s] loved children greatly and thought much about their happiness and wellbeing.
– Kindness, consideration, cheerfulness, good humour and playfulfess with children are all signs of true piety and righteousness in Islam.