From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Only those who have knowledge of Islam and piety are truly respected.

– Children must obey their parents.

– Children must serve on their parents.

– No chore is too much for the obedient child.

– Parents must not place a duty upon their children greater than they can bear.

– Not only are fulfilling essential needs a duty but even seeing to the comforts of parents is a duty.

– A child must be prepared to inconvenience himself himself for the convenience of his parents.

– Obedience and service to parents increases the bonds of love and affection between parents and children.

– The prayers of parents are always accepted.

– The greatest reward in this world is being blessed with knowledge of Islam, understanding and piety.

– Allah’s good pleasure and Jannah are the reward that awaits the respectful child in the hereafter.

– Those who show respect to parents are respected by all.