From This Story We Have Learnt

Topic Progress:

– Trees are an important part of the environment.
– By harming the environment we ultimately cause harm to ourselves.
– We should use the environment in such a manner as does not cause harm to it.

– Always think of the consequences of an action before doing it.
– Selfishness causes others to hate us.

– Never take the law into your own hands. Always refer complaints to the appropriate authorities.
– Always inquire and investigate before punishing an offender.

– Children are to be taught first, not punished first.
– Children cannot be expected to have complete understanding.
– Children are not inherently wicked.
– Education is the best method of reformation.
– Children are to be educated through love and kindness, not harshness and severity.

– Reformation can only be achieved with compassion and gentleness, not intolerance and violence.
– Praying for others is an effective means of reforming them.
– Love and concern for all is the greatest force of achieving goodness.